Grinding machine DSN 360 for circular knives

The experience of grinding and sharpening applied on our products, has allowed the realization of the universal grinder DNS360_450. The high flexibility, easy handling and many other devices are designed to provide to the operator the maximum comfort. Circular shear cut knives, crush cut knives, bottom knives or multi-groove knife blocks can be sharpened with impressive fast set-up. A lay-out of the intuitive touch-screen allows you to change many parameters with a single touch.
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Dimensioni / Dimensions
Lunghezza / Width 1700 mm
Larghezza / Depth 1250 mm
Altezza / Height 1600 mm
Peso / Weight Approx. 1900 kg
Motore pezzo / Workpiece spindle
Diam. massimo / Diam. up to 450 mm
Potenza / Power 1,1 kW
Rpm Max 600
Rotazione / Rotable 180°
Corsa / Stroke 230 mm
Motore mola / Grinding spindle
Potenza / Power 2,2 kW
Rpm Max 3500
Rotazione / Rotable 180°
Corsa mola tang. / Stroke periph. Wheel 400 mm
Corsa mola tazza / Stroke cup wheel 550 mm
Mole / Grinding wheels
Mola tang. / Periph. wheel 200 mm
Mola tazza / Cup wheel 200 mm